0105615Fundamental Statistics for English Language Teaching Researchers
ѧѴʵѧʵ, ҤԪҵѹʵ
˹¡Ե3 (3-0-6)

Course Description
ʶԵԧó ҧ ûҳ ÷ͺص԰ҹ ѹСöԧʶԵ ¹ʹǷҧҧʶԵԷµ͡ù㹡кǹõҧ ͧѡҹҧԵʵ

An introduction to descriptive statistics, probability, sampling, estimation, hypothesis testing, correlation, and regression; an intuitive approach to why and when the procedures may be used, without involving mathematical proofs;
statistical methods with the emphasis on statistical techniques applicable to the social sciences