0905413Financial Derivatives
ѧѴСúѭСèѴ, ӹѡҹŢ Сúѭ
˹¡Ե3 (3-0-6)
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Course Description
ҷоѲҡâͧ͹ؾѹҧԹ Ҵ͹ؾѹҧԹ ɮǡѺûԹҤФ§ͧ͹ؾѹ Է ѭҫ͢ ǧ˹ҷ駻ѵҴ͡
Ѫ Թҵҧ 駡š¹ ûءҹСó֡

Roles and development of financial derivatives; markets of financial derivatives; theories of price and risk appraisal for derivatives, such as options, futures and forward in interacted rate,
stock index and foreign exchanges, including swap by emphasizing in implementation and case studies.
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