0301354System Architecture
ѧѴԷҡʹ, ҢԷҡä
˹¡Ե3 (3-0-6)
͹Ԫ: 0301353

Course Description
֡ҵǻżеͺҧӧҹ繵ǻҹк çҧͧк, äӹdzҧǧᶺ, ûԹö, Ըա֡ , Ըաк

The course covers instruction set design, processor implementation techniques, pipelineing, vector processors, cache and virtual memory hierachies, input/output interfacing, bus structures, parallel processing, and risc architectures. This course provides
you with the principles of designing the architecture of complete computer systems with the emphasis on a quantitative approach to cost/performance tradeoffs.
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