0301353Computer Architecture
ѧѴԷҡʹ, ҢԷҡä
˹¡Ե3 (3-0-6)
͹Ԫ: 0301217

Course Description
鹰ҹçҧ ĵԡ ͧѺ͡ẺԧáдԨԷ зͺǽ֡á; ֡ͧẺԸաá˹Ţ, кѴѧкҾ, Ҷ֧˹¤µç, ˹¤ᤪ, ˹¤͹

This course covers a thorough foundation in the structure, behavior and the design of the digital computers. Design tools such as Boolean algebra and Karnaugh maps are used to design combinational and sequential circuits. Instruction formats, addressing
modes, priority interrupt systems, direct memory access (DMA), cache memory, and virtual memory.
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