0604402Sustainable Architecture
ѧѴʶһѵ¡ʵ ѧͧйԵŻ, ӹѡҹŢ ʶһѵ
˹¡Ե3 (3-0-6)

Course Description
鹤 Ƿҧͧʶһѵ¡ ʶһѵ¡׹ ٻẺͧʶһѵ¡ѡɳСôçԵ㹷ͧ ͧʹͧѺҾҡҾǴ
¡ҧҤ÷ǤԴ㹡͡ẺǷҧͧʶһѵ¡ ʶһѵ¡׹ Դšȹ͡Ẻʶһѵ¡͡͹ѡѧҹ ֡ҷй͡ʶҹ

Research the direction of Green and Sustainable Architecture by emphasizing the characteristic of architecture and the local human habitation, community and city that goes with the
climate and surrounding environment. Examples of Green and Sustainable Architecture to open the new vision toward energy conservation architecture by studying both in and outside the classroom.
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