0604303Thai Vernacular Architecture
ѧѴʶһѵ¡ʵ ѧͧйԵŻ, ӹѡҹŢ ʶһѵ
˹¡Ե3 (1-4-6)

Course Description
ɮлԺѵԡǡѺٻẺͧҤþ鹶蹢ͧҤҧ Ҥҹ ٻçԴѹ繼ŨҡҹҧѲ ẺἹ ԶժԵ ླ
õ駶蹰ҹ ʴءҧ ʹҾǴҧҾ Դӹ֡㹤سҢͧҹ ͡ẺдѺ鹺ҹͧöѲͻءᢹԪҪվ ֡ҷй͡ʶҹ

Theories and practice Thai Vernacular Architecture of the different regions emphasizing Isan by analyzing information characteristic that developed from the influence of culture and customs, ways
of life, festival, migration, construction materials including the geography and topography to enforce the value of the work and design done by local Thai communities which then could be developed and
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