0176313Thai Textbook
ѧѴʵѧʵ, ӹѡҹŢ
˹¡Ե2 (2-0-4)

Course Description
ѡԸաèѴ˹ѧ¹ Ѳҡâͧ˹ѧ¹ ǹǹûѺا Ƿҧ˹ѧ¹ Ẻ֡Ѵ ˹ѧҹ͡㹡͹дѺ鹵ҧ ҧзͧ麷¹дѺ ˹ѧҹ͡

Principle and techniques of writing textbooks; development of Thai textbooks ; analyze their strengths and weaknesses which should be improved ; guidelines for utilizing textbooks , exercises , and external readings in teaching at different class levels;
construction and try-out of lessons at each class level; analyze external reading for benefits of Thai teaching.
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