0136504Research Status of Vietnamese Language
ѧѴʵѧʵ, ҤԪҵѹ͡
˹¡Ե2 (2-0-4)

Course Description
ʶҹҾͧҹԨ´ š¹ԴǡѺҹԨ´㹻еҧ Ԩó繶֧Ҿͧ㹡Ԩ Ըա÷ šԨ
Ԩ·÷͹Ҥ ʹͤԴ Ƿҧ㹡ԨѡԪҡºԸԨ

Status of Vietnamese language research; sharing opinion on Vietnamese language research both in Vietnam and abroad; analyzing and criticizing on the overall research issues, methods, and research results; identifying trend of research that
should be done in the future; presenting ideas and research guidelines on the basis of academic theory, language, and procedures of research work
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Ԫ ҭѵ (diskko@hotmail.com) 䫴ͧ¹лż http://regpr.msu.ac.th