1101015Sustainable Architecture
ѧѴʶһѵ¡ʵ ѧͧйԵŻ, ҢԪʶһѵ¡
˹¡Ե2 (2-0-4)

Course Description
Ƿҧͧʶһѵ¡ ʶһѵ¡׹ ٻẺͧʶһѵ¡ѡɳСôçԵʹͧѺҾҡ 件֧ҾǴ
¡ҧҤ÷ǤԴ㹡͡Ẻ Ƿҧͧʶһѵ¡ʶһѵ¡׹ Դšȹ͡Ẻʶһѵ¡͡͹ѡѧҹ

The theories and practice of Green and Sustainable Architecture emphasizing on architectural language and the integration of users with the surrounding environment; case studies
and history of green architecture to open the students eyes and raise awareness of the global environmental problem face by architects and their solution in creating a sustainable environment
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