1101004Thai Vernacular Architecture
ѧѴʶһѵ¡ʵ ѧͧйԵŻ, ҢԪʶһѵ¡
˹¡Ե3 (1-4-4)

Course Description
ɮлԺѵԡǡѺٻẺͧҤþ鹶蹢ͧҤҧ 鹷ʶһѵ¡鹶ҹ ٻçԴѹ繼Ũҡҹҧ
Ѳ ẺἹ ԶժԵ ླ õ駶蹰ҹ ʴءҧ ʹҾǴҧҾ öء㹡͡Ẻ

dissect and understanding of the architectural language reflecting the diverse cultures, traditions, construction materials, topography, and climate of each region; furthermore, the course teaches the
student to be able to apply the vernacular Thai architecture knowledge and transformed them into their own architectural design
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